Restoring The Wisdom of Centuries Old Child Rearing

Do you ever experience parent-child frustrations? There’s no question this scenario can impact your family life in a negative way. Do you continually argue with your children? Do your children have meltdowns that seem to go on forever? Does your teen slam the door while leaving you in stone silence?


Allow Take Charge Parenting to address these and other questions as we walk you through how to become loving, calm and confident parents. Learn to develop personality traits in children that will allow them to become good citizens and respectful adults.


Develop ways to communicate more effectively with your children. Become the leader of your family through the creation of loving discipline while you learn how to balance love and leadership.


Through private one-on-one conversations, in-home workshops and presentations, Take Charge Parenting will address your needs and work towards offering solutions to meet your family situation. 

Parent with love and leadership.
Take Charge Parenting leads to a happy family.

"All the love in the world cannot make up for a lack of leadership in a child's life."

 - John Rosemond

We all know, that when it comes to washing dishes, we’d rather have the parent do it. Well, this boy proves the art of dish washing can be a shared family responsibility and fun at the same time. Furthermore, he knows his Mom and Dad will be proud of him that he’s completed his task.

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