Love and Leadership 

Empowering Parents 


Margaret Stefanowicz – Small Business Owner & Parenting Consultant

Take Charge Parenting LLC.,

Tuesday, October 15    7:00-8:30PM


Did you ever think about raising your children like the pros who write books and blogs on the subject? Do you think it’s easy for them simply because they’re experts? You too can become an expert on raising your own children. Learn how to evolve into an

unconditionally loving, calm and confident parent who raises their children to become  competent, thoughtful people with self-control and self-discipline. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?


This session will help guide participants through the key principles required to become the parent they were meant to be and want to be. The class will address the Four Seasons of Parenting, the Three “C’s” of Parenting (Communication, Consistency, Consequences) and the Human Condition (Free Will, Feelings and Thoughts, Self-Control and Self-Discipline).


Princeton Adult School at Princeton HS

151 Moore St., Princeton, NJ 08540

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Registration Fee: $10

Class Fee: $35

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Available Seating: 20 seats


School Phone: 609.683.1101