For starters, Take Charge Parenting (TCP) requires absolutely no formal training in order to transform you into a great mom or dad, and the need for psychological counseling is not necessary.  Continued practice will ultimately go a long way towards improving your skills as a leader, decision maker and setter of boundaries between you and your children. 


The emphasis on leadership cannot be stressed enough. I believe  parents are [without question], the epicenter in a family structure, and everything revolves around them. Leadership is the key to getting you there. Learning to balance leadership and love will ultimately result in a relaxed and joyful experience for both the parent and child during the parenting years. 


Through my private consultations and group workshops, I will share with you, what I believe to be the steps you need to take to ensure that there be a complete understanding of defined roles between you and your children.


I am an advocate for the traditional parenting approach to raising children. One only needs to look back decades ago to see how those time tested methods can still be applicable today.


Parenting does not have to be difficult if parents understand their primary role in the family structure is to be a leader, role model and educator. Traditional parenting still has a place in today's families where "YES" means yes and "NO" means no.


  • establish a home environment with happy, obedient children and relaxed parents


  • gain renewed energy, enthusiasm and confidence in your role as a parent


  • identify and develop your family’s core values which will serve as the basis for successful child rearing


  • develop positive parenting traits


  • learn a more effective parent-child communication language


  • learn how to resolve issues such as bedtime concerns, eating habits, doing homework, shower time and performing household chores.


  • establish a strong family structure, which will ultimately lead to a secure alliance between you and your child