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It turns out doing all of those annoying chores is actually good for you in the long run.

When this little girl grows up she will have no problem keeping her living space tidy. Perhaps moms can set up a vacuuming schedule, whereby their children can be assigned specific days of the week to vacuum a room.

This video proves that children around the world naturally want to perform chores. This little boy lives with his family in the countryside somewhere in Hungary. The boy, who appears to be about 4 years old said he wants to feed his animals, otherwise they will die. Pay attention to his steadfast perseverance and his apparent joy in completing the task. He is, without question, building his self-esteem through the process.

It’s all in the folding. This little girl demonstrates the proper way to fold her bed sheet. Her mom reminds

her that properly folding the sheet, will allow it to maintain it’s original shape. Once she’s confident in the process and makes it her routine, the chore will become second nature to her. Of course the mother and child bonding time is priceless.

Two sweet little girls, when asked by their Mom to wipe off outdoor tables and chairs at their family restaurant, begin the chore without hesitation. They demonstrate that chores are good for children and it makes them  feel part of a larger team.

If you wear your clothes you must learn to keep them clean and properly folded. As this little girl demonstrates, it’s really not that difficult. Once learned, the folding process should become routine. Moms will be so pleased to see the pride their child shows when accomplishing this necessary task.