"If you've been wondering whether a Mary Poppins for your family exists, here she is!  Margaret is fully committed to her work with each individual parent and child.  She truly cares about the development of the whole child and the wellness of the family.  We are so grateful for Margaret's immeasurable help in our household."


- Amy Banner, Princeton, NJ

"Margaret worked with our family when I had my first two girls and was balancing the joy and challenge of being a new mom while fulfilling the demands of my early career and having my relatives in a different continent.  Margaret’s kindness, experience, creativity, initiative and true interest for our family were so special and impressive.  Right away, I watched and learned how Margaret promoted the child for whom she/he is and provided opportunities for the child to experience their capability and capacity, and how in doing so she elevated the child's self esteem, pride and joy.  I was so grateful and impressed with the gentle and effective guidance she provided for my children and family, and I bonded deeply with Margaret (and her family). 


After several years we moved away but continued to keep in touch with Margaret, especially when seeking advice as I navigated the trials of life and the continued growth of our family. Margaret always provided loving and effective advice. I missed Margaret’s gentle and knowledgeable presence and have invited her to come to visit me to meet my growing family, now with four children.


When I became aware of Margaret’s Take Charge Parenting business, I asked her to provide insight into my household and parenting, which she did with total expertise and insight. I can't imagine anything more important than a family thriving. Margaret has served as a pillar to our family and I will continue to draw from her insight, expertise and love."


- Pino Martin, Associate Professor-Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland

"Margaret worked with our family during a very stressful time--my son was only 6 months old, and I had just started my medical residency.  I was sleep deprived, feeling guilty about being away so long every day, and unsure how to navigate the many parenting challenges I faced when she left at the end of every day and my husband and I had to take over!  Margaret's decades of experience working as a kindergarten teacher in Hungary, her interest in the Montessori method of encouraging early hands-on learning and her keen insight into parent-child dynamics made our four years working with her feel like a gift, both to our son, and to us who she deftly guided as parents.  It makes perfect sense that she shares her expertise through "Taking Charge Parenting".  She has the insight, she has love in her heart, and she is a great problem solver--and as an added bonus, her approach works!!   We wish her the best of luck as she shares her talent with other families."

                                                                    - Julie Pantelick, MD, Princeton, NJ

“Margaret, thank you for the timely information you provided at our recent Take Charge Parenting workshop conducted at my home. Your experience, knowledge and insight as a parenting consultant were so clearly communicated. The suggestions and recommendations you continue to offer me are invaluable in helping me further develop my child."        


- Janet Larrain, Realtor, Hopewell, NJ

"Margaret provided professional childcare for my son for three and a half years. During that time she flawlessly helped raise Nate with love, compassion, understanding, discipline, and mature guidance. She helped to instill a sense of curiosity, humor, love, kindness, and so much more in our son. She helped us to become better parents as well. Now she is family to us and we still see her regularly."  

- Chris Myers, Co-Owner Pinneo Construction, Princeton, NJ